FNB Fairlands

PMC was appointed to oversee the installations of fire fighting equipment at First National Bank Fairlands. PMC was tasked with Design, Layout, Specification and construction monitoring. HVAC, Rational Fire design, Water storage and pumping for the Fire fighting installation, Lifts, Automatic Extinguishing.

Drakenstein Prison

PMC was appointed as project managers to oversee the repairs of the mechanical and electrical installations at the prison itself as well as warder’s residences, prison admin facilities, abattoirs, farming facilities,incinerators, cold rooms and kitchens.

FNB Towers

PMC was tasked to upgrade the building to current FNB standards. Renovations should take place on one floor at a time as to not disrupt operations. Mechanical Services in PMC Scope: Fire Detection, Sprinklers, Lifts, Wet Services.

Johannesburg Art Gallery

PMC was appointed as The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consultants on the art gallery refurbishment project. Included in the Mechanical scope of works was the replacement of the Eastern passenger & goods lift.

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Many projects fail to be completed on time and according to specifications due to the lack of project management.

PMC was established with a goal to manage projects utilizing key performance factors coupled to the implementation of high quality standards.

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PMC plans to expand its capabilities with new office premises, a new information technology strategy and accounting processes. Our engineering services include:

Rational fire design
Building related services
Security and access
Electrical reticulation & distribution

Our Standard

We specialize in professional project management, data, engineering and occupational health and safety.
Compliance to the statuary regulations, SANS and internationally recognized standards ensures that the projects attain the best quality, products and client satisfaction.




PMC has successfully completed major projects with Private and Public entities, such as FNB, Public Works, Johannesburg Development Agency, City of Cape Town etc. PMC’s CV contains wide varying projects from Prisons to Shopping Malls. Our expertise in Mechanical and Electrical fields along with our partner companies Aim to provide our clients with a successfully completed Project in time and within budget.